Saturday, January 9, 2010

Until The Light Takes Us, Chicago

'Until The Light Takes Us', the long awaited film documenting the rise of the second wave of Norwegian Black Metal in the early....blah.....blah....blah.....go see the movie. Chicago. January 8-14 - one week only at the Gene Siskel Film Center. 164 North State Street Chicago, Illinois

01.11.2010 Update-
Saw the Saturday night showing of ‘Until The Light Takes Us’, gotta say it was very well done and very much worth the wait. The film is based around the music and events surrounding the second wave of Norwegian Black Metal that emerged in the early 1990’s. Its main, interviewed subjects are members of Mayhem, Darkthrone and Burzum whose contributions to this scene are both legendary and extraordinary.

The filmmakers took the path less traveled when it comes to the presentation of the movie. These days there’s so much Metal media, the Sam Dunn films and the continuous flow of Heavy Metal literature that the template for this kind of film seems to be set in stone. I think the difference in the ‘UTLTU’ approach is similar to the music scene they documented, it’s about as far against the grain as it gets.

I’m not saying the film is that abstract, bleak or grim I’m just saying it’s non conventional vibe and visual aesthetic is what gives ‘UTLTU’ an edge over some of the more contemporary music/metal documentaries currently out and about. There are several things about this film that allows it to stand head and shoulders above the others but it’s almost “intriguing” to see them unfold.

The main interviews are for lack of better words, worth the price of admission. With all the ‘Lords Of Chaos’ hoopla surrounding that scene for the last decade, it is more than pleasing to hear the words straight from the mouths of those that were there. Interviews with Fenriz, Varg, Hellhammer and Demonaz and Abbath of Immortal for the most part are point blank statements of fact surrounding the formation of the bands, the mindset of these players at such a crucial time in extreme music then later to church burnings, murders and the “satanic panic” that swept through Norway. Satyricon’s low key Drummer Frost also leaves a very memorable stain of mind if you will.

Let’s face it, this is intriguing stuff here. If I had to sit through a movie about fucking Hair Metal, ooops I already did! But what I’m getting at is this is the kind of stuff that does indeed make the hairs on the back of your neck stand!

Disagree? Watch it and tell me different. There’s something so visually exciting as well as deeply disturbing about watching a 8 or 900 year old historic church just burn. The times in which these events took place now seems like it was 100 years ago, so much has changed since then it’s almost hard to connect, musically 1990-1994 to the current happenings, but I’m thankful there’s an intelligent film made about this subject.

So, definitely a worth while documentation, some amazing footage and photographs help tell a story so out there, it’s hard to believe it was all so real. I suppose it's because it was.

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