Friday, January 22, 2010

Old Metal Mag Moment: Trouble

Part of the reason I like doing this blog and sharing some of this stuff is because I feel, like the music these interviews are snap shots in time. Where the bands were at, what they were feeling and dealing with both the past as well as the now, heading towards the unknown.

Chicago's Trouble really need no introduction. They are the cornerstone of
Doom, the torch bearers of the mighty Black Sabbath and have held this lofty title since their formation in the late 1970's. If you want to follow in their musical footsteps, more power to you. Their riffs and lyrical vibe can make up some of the heaviest Metal known to man. If you want to follow in their business tactics, I say run for the hills. They've made as many mistakes as they have songs, but they're not alone, are they?

Here's a cool
Def American era interview with (former, god it still sucks to write that!) Vocalist Eric Wagner. What got me on a Trouble kick? Well my boy Mikey has wanted an OMMM with Trouble since I began and I've been digging the hell out of Ron Holzner's new band Earthen Grave. Check them out and enjoy the flashback.

Oh yeah, a good MetalliTid-bit in here too, Metallica after a blistering set by Trouble at the Stone in SF, checking out the settings on Trouble's amps to "see how they play so heavy!"