Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Spin the Black Circle Part I- The Dark

Classick Spin Magazine Moment...

A poor man's Rolling Stone, the Hustler to the Playboy and the Pepsi to the Coke of general/popular music magazines, Spin...

Now Spin wasn't completely useless. I remember every now and then it having something cool enough to read. I remember Slayer being in there a few times, the first being back in 88 or so. But this issue??

Back in 1996 the magazine came out with this...

Featured in this harmless looking waste of trees was two of the most amazing stories. The first one is about the harsh realities of being a hair band in the late 80's/pre-Nirvana 90's and the after effects of said band...on your band. Fucking brilliant stuff. If you haven't read it I'll throw it up in a few days.

The other? A fascinating look into the years after the murders and church burnings, the paranoia and the selling of a scene not meant to be sold. Many of the top dogs of the era are interviewed here and what can I say? Made for some decent reading back then.

If you've read 'Lords of Chaos' like a lot of us nerds did, consider this an abridged version of the Black Metal tome.

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