Monday, August 10, 2009

Spin the Black Circle II, Euronymous 16 years gone

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This is both part II of the Spin article on Black Metal I posted earlier this year as well as the 16th anniversary of Øystein Aarseth , AKA “Euronymous” of Mayhem, Deathlike Silence Productions, Helvete Record Shop in Oslo etc. etc. etc. leaving planet Earth.

The story of his death has been told and retold countless (pun intended) times and the events surrounding both his life and death and the scene in which he existed are soon to be a motion picture! What's next? A movie about Anvil? But seriously, that Lords Of Chaos movie looks like it's going to suck, so try and catch this instead!

But as fate would have it I was going through a box and I found this issue of Kerrang! I wanted to share it with you for a few reasons. Number one being, back when the church burnings and assaults were happening and news was filtering in through the magazines, it was literally mayhem! Here were these guys who were making a stand and taking everyfuckingthing to the next level.

In the US we had Glen Benton of Deicide as the unofficial satanic public enemy #1. Here was a guy who had the press at his whim due to all the "controversy" he created with admissions of church desecration's and being misquoted when getting rid of an animal doing damage to his property. Besides that, sure he wrote some good stuff, some great lyrics but at the end of the day...he never killed anyone!

However these "kids" in Norway? While Benton talked it, they were busy walking it. Doing the devils work is never an easy task and these guys did their best. So this article was really the first mass exposure on the Norwegian Black Metal scene of the early 90's. This was Metal being taken to new heights or sinking to new depths, your decision.

I'm trying to locate the issue with the announcement of Euronymous' death as that was the most shocking of them all, that's when it officially went too far.