Thursday, January 14, 2010

Anthrax weak continues!

MEdge: You Praised ‘Vol. 8’ and ‘Among The Living’ earlier- What do you think is the worst you guys have done?
Axl Fonzarelli:State of Euphoria’ Terrible record, it’s got a couple of good songs on it, and one of them’s a cover. I’ve always said it, I always felt like it was an unfinished record, we rushed it.

Now this is pretty funny. In a Metal Mania special released in 1989* each band member spoke of how much time was spent on ‘State.’ From the writing to the recording to working with Belladonna on his vocals, they all spoke highly of the process. Maybe because it was one of the gayest Hard Rock albums ever released Fonzie changed his tune? They sure finished with enough time to get new shorts and Charlie got himself a spiffy new "poodle cut."

Go to your record collection and play the following albums from 1988:

Slayer: South of Heaven
Metallica: …And Justice For All
: So Far, So Good, So What
Anthrax: State of Euphoria

Big 4,my ass.

Speaking of Slayer, the Fonz does hit the nail on the head why Slayer has a career that, for the most part, has never faltered. Slayer were more interested in building a fanbase and keeping them happy than trying to get a “Gold” album or doing arena support tours. Slayer never gave a shit about trying to keep up with Metallica and 27 years on, they can roll into any city in the WORLD and draw 4/5/6,000 people on their own. Anthrax are a club band, nothing more-nothing less.

Fonzie also talks about “loyalty”!!! This is gold man, pure gold. What does this guy know about loyalty? When Metal was “out of style” in the mid-90’s he was wearing bowling shirts and taking out the Deftones, yeah that’s loyalty for ya.

*If you want that stuff up, email me and I’d be happy to oblige.