Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Electric Crack!

I know, I know, "everyone" is waiting for my recap of 'That Metal Show' from 3/28. It'll happen, soon. However, I must say I've been sidetracked by something very, very important since Sunday afternoon.

This is like electric crack! I'm not kidding. I mean I can't stop playing, it's so motherfucking fun!

Did I mention I HATE video games?

Regardless, and I've talked this stuff before, but to me this is more than idle time playing video games. It's bonding time between Max and I and in this World I think anything that brings a parent closer to their child/children should be embraced.

Because it's a Heavy Metal based bond, well, that just makes it even better.

Playstation 3...$399.00
Guitar Hero Metallica...$59.99
GH Drum Set...$79.99
Mercyful Fate songs with my kid...PRICELESS!

Baggy Pants BEWARE!