Tuesday, April 28, 2009

That Metal Show, Ep 7, Season II - Finale

Well, that was a quick season, huh? I don’t know about you, but I had fun writing about the show on a (mostly) weekly (or weakly to some) basis. My goal of keeping this blog going was aided by the show and now that it’s gone, what ever will I do?

I’m sure something will keep me going, but until then let’s get to the season II finale of VH1’s ‘That Metal Show’.

I) Show begins with the talk of reunions and who the hosts would like to see reunite. Starting with Jim Florentine his wish was Led Zeppelin, but noted that the success of Robert Plant and Alison Krause’s music will make that probably next to impossible. Don Jamieson wished for Iron Maiden to reunite with Paul Di’Anno.

I have to interject here, Paul sang on some groundbreaking songs during his time with Maiden, but he’s been nothing but a complete fucking bust since, what? 1982? Love his voice, but fuck Di’Anno. Eddie Trunk surprised me a little by wishing Skid Row would reunite (or would that be get Bach together) with their classic lineup, he also threw in UFO. Another volatile group with probably zero chances of getting together again. Right now I’m not in a reunion state of mind, so I have nothing to add here.

II) This episode’s in-studio guests, none other than Ronnie James Dio and Geezer Butler from Black Sabbath (HnH). Some decent chit chat between the hosts and Ronnie, things ranging from the invention of the “horns” to getting back together with Sabbath and what they’ve done since the release of the ‘Dio Years’ Sabbath collection.

Don told a good story about him and his cousin meeting Ronnie backstage a few years ago and how this cousin is not a “rocker type” whatsoever and how Dio spoke to him like he was the biggest star in the world. Essentially, just how fucking cool RJD is. Which I can attest to, Dio is larger than life yet doesn’t act like it. Ronnie talks about how he’d seen people like Richie Blackmore interact with fans and he did not want to do the same thing to people. God bless Ronnie James Dio.

III) Stump the Trunk: I went 2/3 on this weeks questions which were titles of Elf albums, Dave “the Beast” Spitz’ brief tenure with Black Sabbath in 1986 and a Vivian Campbell/’Sacred Heart’ related question.

IV) Picks of the week: Rudy Sarzo’s “Off The Rails” book and the latest album by NWOBHM legends Saxon, “Into The Labyrinth”, which is admittedly a stronger than you think album. Still think the Sarzo book is fucking great

V) Whatever Happened to: ex-Skid Row drummer Rob Affuso? More like who cares, right? I agree, but it was kind of cool as the hosts were fumbling around with what did happen to Rob, surprise, he was in the studio audience. So even though I’ve lost no sleep wondering about him, it was cool to get that kind of response. Now Rob can go back to complete obscurity.

VI) The Throwdown: a complete waste of time wondering which Appice drummer brother people prefer, Carmine (Vanilla Fudge, Cactus, Rod Stewart, Ozzy, King Kobra) or Vinny (Black Sabbath Mk 2, Dio, Heaven and Hell). I consider them both solid, effective drummers with amazing careers, but since I met Vinny backstage in Dallas a few years ago and he was super cool, I’ll go with Vinny. Remember kids, it’s not what you know, it’s who.

So that’s it for ‘That Metal Show’ until next season. Thanks for reading my pointless drivel and wasting quality time here.

ps. 'The Devil You Know' is in stores today...