Monday, April 13, 2009

That Metal Show Episode 5, Season II

I've been playing 'catch up' with the VH1's 'That Metal Show' for a few weeks now, so let me purge!

I've missed the Anvil episode, I will try to catch it soon, but doubt if I'll actually write about it. I am however excited and really looking forward to the Anvil Chicago screening/show on April 22 at the Metro!

Brian Umlaut just attended the San Francisco showing and wrote about here.

Let's go back to 'That Metal Show' Season II, Episode 5...

This episode starts with a quick discussion of "what is Metal" and "what they do and do not, or can't" cover on the show. You know, people seeing the hosts at a show or something and saying why don't you have ________ (insert your favorite band here) on 'That Metal Show'?

Well we all know the reason and I'm sure some of you reading are the ones asking the same questions to not only yourself, but also anyone within earshot. So I'll tell you why, really I will.

Metalheads are a lot of things to a lot of people, but one thing we're not is wrong! Take 20 guys or girls wearing black t-shirts at a Kreator show, ask them what their definition of Metal is and you will get 20 different responses.

Not only will you get 20 completely different replies, but all 20, will be 100% right!

It's how we are. We all think, no make that KNOW, we could do a way better job on something like 'That Metal Show' and no matter what airs on any Saturday evening, we could do it better. That goes not only for TV, but Radio, Magazines, Photography, Booking, and Festival Organization too! Don't ask me why, it's just the way it is.

I) The shows main guest for the evening is Duff McKagan.
Right off the bat there's banter about 'who the new singer of Velvet Revolver is'. Tell ya what, who fucking cares? Is there a lamer band than Velvet Revolver? And even if the singer is Robert 'fucking' Plant, that band will still suck fucking ass.

I respect Duff McKagan. I find him interesting as a person and will admit that his ability to live clean and sober after being, well, Duff is nothing short of incredible. Here was a guy who pre-sobriety couldn't even put three or four words together and has really come full circle.

I'm a fan of his band, Loaded and an even bigger fan of his writings be it on with his insightful financial musings or more importantly his Reverb column for the Seattle Weekly. His take on everything from fatherhood to being in a band and juggling everything hits home with this Rock N' Roll fan right here.

While he talks about all the things I wrote about above, it was nothing great, but still cool nonetheless.

II) Tea with...Lemmy.

It's Don and Jim having a drink with Lemmy before the Hammersmith show. How can this be bad, right? Well it's not, it's pretty funny and a cool interview with the man himself. Is there such a thing as a band Lemmy interview? The answer is no, there can be a lame interviewer yes, but that's where the lameness ends.

III) Stump the Trunk.

Some pointless question about what Led Zeppelin song L.A. Guns covered..actually all three were rather lame. Why do the audience members look like they're reading "their" questions from a cue card?

IV) The guys pick something they're into and this week's is the 30th Anniversary of Cheap Trick's legendary 'Budokan!' release. Featuring 3CD's and 1 DVD of the 1978 show, fuck...very cool. Come to think of it, didn't Lars look a little like Bun E. Carlos playing in the suit at the RnRHoF?

V) What ever happened to? Graham Bonnet?!?!?!?

Yeah, really, I haven't thought about him since, well it's been a long fucking time. Well nothing solid as far as his whereabouts other than he's planning an Alcatrazz reunion with none other than...himself! He's toured like this, but to do the new album route? Good luck with that.

VI) Final deal of the show, solo Ozzy vs. Sabbath Ozzy, whom do you prefer?

First the host's picks... Duff: Sabbath, Eddie Trunk: Sabbath, Jim Florentine: Sabbath, Don: Solo

Why does this Don guy always have to pick the opposite? My pick? Ozzy Sabbath. Other than two great solo releases the rest of the solo Ozzy stuff is, at best two songs per disc, too much filler.

There was some OK talk about where their choices are coming from, so at least it was based on solid decisions with some good points. The audience? Still a bunch of fucking posers.