Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Old Metal Mag Moment-Spastik Children

Not too sure if Spastik Children got any heavy coverage outside of the Bay Area and Ron Quintana’s Metal Mania, but here’s a rare interview from 1986 from the New York and not related to Ron's influential mag, Metal Mania.

For those who know, you obviously know, but for those that don’t…Spastik was a punk band that existed in many incarnations from the mid 80’s until around 1990 (maybe?), members of Exodus, Heathen and the lesser known Pillage Sunday made up the group’s initial line up.

In early 1986 the group gained “instant celebrity” status when James Hetfield and Cliff Burton were recruited to play drums and bass.

Check out the interview as it will explain a lot more than some boring intro of a band that, well I suppose it’d be a hell of a lot different to have seen em live, but for the most part was an admitted “joke”.

As the interview states the band carried on after the loss of Cliff Burton with Kirk Hammett and then later Jim Martin as well as Jason Newsted taking over on bass. Could you imagine the 100,000,000 album selling Metallica of now of ever being as care free as they were back then? Time is a motherfucker, so take a step back and enjoy!

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