Saturday, August 1, 2009

Spreading the Disease...

Anthrax have denied that their guitarist, Scott Ian, once confided to Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine that Metallica plotted to kick out drummer Lars Ulrich.

In an interview with, Mustaine – who was a member of Metallica for fewer than two years in 1981-1983 – was asked if, as far as he knows, it is true that on the last Metallica tour bassist Cliff Burton was on before he died, the band were planning to fire Ulrich at the tour’s end.

“That’s what Scott [Ian] told me,” Mustaine replied. “He said that when Metallica got home, that James [Hetfield], Cliff [Burton] and Kirk [Hammett] were going to fire Lars.”

According to a short message posted on Anthrax’s official Twitter account (By Scott Ian himself), Mustaine’s claim is “not true.”

The post adds, “Little does anyone know but Lars actually owns the [Metallica] name. Good luck ever kicking him out.”

Hmm. We’re so sure about this.

In pre-Classic Rock days, a few of us from Kerrang! went out for a drink with Scott Ian and [Anthrax drummer] Charlie Benante, circa 1986.

We distinctly remember Ian pretty much telling us that Metallica were thinking of changing drummers, although not blatantly. So, we suspect Mustaine isn’t making this up…

Meanwhile, Mustaine undergoes surgery today to mend his injured back and neck.

As if things for Anthrax couldn't get any worse? I don't know what's more amazing, the fact that Dave Mustaine remembers anything from 1986 or that this is even remotely true.

Sure anyone with ears could tell you Lars has been the weakest musical link in Metallica since the day the band started, but it's his band and they've done pretty good with him back there, eh? It always has been his band, always will be. He was the one that secured the track on Metal Massacre I without a band, without a song. Maybe the other three joked about replacing him, but that's where it ends.

Scott Ian looks like a fucking clown, again.