Monday, March 16, 2009

That Metal Show Episode Two - Season 2

So another week, another ‘That Metal Show’ report.

This weeks guest was Anthrax bassist Frank Bello. I thought the purpose of having a guest on a talk show was when the guest had something to promote? Anthrax have nothing ready to promote so you know this was going to have to go somewhere soon to prevent a train wreck.

Show started with some talk of European Festivals, the beauty of them really (huge, mixed bills, people). It was nice segue way into the appearance of Bello.

I) Nothing spectacular as far as the first few minutes, Frank plugs their new singer and name drops Iron Maiden a few times. Eddie, Jim and the other guy chit chat with him about Anthrax, now on their fourth singer and the failed
reunion. They don’t go into Frank leaving Anthrax (and being replaced by Armored Saint’s Joey Vera) but they do talk about him playing with Helmet.

Frank’s looking pretty old these days, no?

My bullshit meter flew to the red when “the nephew” said this, “Be honest with your fans.”

Got news for you, the words Anthrax and honest simply do not go together. If they were honest with their fans, they’d actually acknowledge them instead of being the stuck up pricks they really are.

II) On location with Anthrax. Typical “band” interview with
Scott Ian doing ALL the talking, what else is new? Again though, nothing to really report on, they did another show with the new singer. They showed the guy, he got some camera time, all I can say is good for him. He’s going to need all the good luck in the world to still have a job in Anthrax this time next year.

III) Stump The Trunk- More Rock trivia and I had no idea
Warren DeMartini of Ratt was a touring guitarist (back in 1994) for Whitesnake. I was stumped, good stuff. The other potential stump was the connection between Skid Row and Anthrax.

They shared a vocalist in a guy named
Matt Fallon. I knew he was in Anthrax for a few minutes, but didn’t know he was in a pre-Bach Skid Row.

IV) While this had nothing to do with the show itself, I guess promotion people will do whatever they can to sell shit. There’s a new movie called “I Love You Man” which features some cameos by Messrs Lee, Lifeson and Peart a.k.a. RUSH. So while the Rock Dork in me was happy to see Rush get some mainstream props, the cynic in me was disgusted. It was freaky though as earlier that day I watched
'Exit Stage Left' on DVD. Like, wow man.

V) Whatever happened to: Former Testament co-founder/Drummer Louie Clemente? While I don’t think anyone has been losing sleep on the whereabouts of Louie, it was better than learning what someone from White Lion was up to. Eddie calls Louie a “great drummer” which again caused the bullshit meter to travel towards the red.

Great guy maybe. Great bandmate, maybe.

Great Drummer? No fucking way. Adequate sure, but great no way. He’s currently in the antique business.

VI) A rapid fire round table on the battle of the debut albums. Van Halen’s self-titled
1978 debut or the 1987 released ‘Appetite For Destruction’ by Guns N' Roses. No brainer and if you answered ‘A.F.D.’ you’re a “D.I.K.”

So that was Season 2 Episode 2…Frank Bello is no Vinnie Paul.