Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sick as a dog, 'That Metal Show' Season 2

So who else in Metal-land got the fucking Flu? You? Your Muddah? Your Faddah? No? Good I suppose because it's been a long-fucking-week here in N.B.M.O.ville.

It's not been a total wash as I've been able to go through some of the archives and when that happens, trust me, we all win.

More on that very soon.

I want to start updating this blog a lot more starting, well, now. Even if it's just something like a suggestion of an album or to bitch about something I read about on Blabbermouth. Whatever, I just need to do it and thank you all for reading.

One thing I wanted to start commenting on was the new season, Season 2 of 'That Metal Show'.

Now this is a new thing for me as I only saw one or one and a half episodes of Season one. Why? Well this kinda shit really hits home for me. Even watching a few minutes of that show can set me off where I end up talking/yelling at the TV because, I'm me.

Almost the same reaction to reading a music magazine or viewing some website , I just take the shit so serious.

So that being said I wanted to make sure I was ready for the start of the new season which aired tonight and here's what I thought.

I) Episode One starts with a quick roundtable thing on 'Chinese Democracy'
Right off the bat I'm in total disagreement. I was actually a bit surprised that all three of the hosts are almost in favor of the album. I think one of the all-agreeing quotes was "it's an album that takes a lot of listens", I smell bullshit.

But who are we kidding here? Eddie Trunk whom as a fellow rock dork I respect, HAS to remain impartial and knows it's "career suicide" to dis Asshole Rose on national TV.

Eddie struck radio gold years ago when Sebastian Bach got Asshole to come on Eddie's radio show and it was an exclusive every-motherfucker-on-Earth would've sold their mother for. So what was I expecting? Not sure.

For the record, I still think the album is an over-bloated go nowhere mish-mash of a mess.

Guest of the show: Vinnie Paul What can you say about Vinnie? He's a fucking great dude and any time I've ever been in the guy's presence he's been just beyond cool. He knows his Rock n' Roll inside and out and he was great on the show and added a little here and there which was cool to watch.
Am I going to hold it against him his bass player is a fucking bus pisser? Nah...but that's neither here nor there.

There was some bullshit about picking a new girl to handle the trivia prize give-a-ways. It was stupid, but I had no idea the show was only a 1/2 hour long so the segment went from stupid to totally fucking stupid and a waste of valuable time.

The 'Stump The Trunk' segment is a trivia thing where a few audience members get to challenge Eddie Trunk. Now how can anyone say a bad thing about anything related to Rock Trivia? Brilliant!

A quick "whatever happened to" thing about Dave King, or was it about Fastway? I don't know and I'm kinda fucked up right now, but it was one or the other and while I don't know shit about Flogging Molly, but that first Fastway album fucking rules. A few years ago I bought some songs from the 'Trick Or Treat' soundtrack on iTunes. Bad movie, some rokkin' songs though!

There was a quick debate about old or new Metallica which no one dropped anything groundbreaking as far as proving their point, but that's a tough debate no matter what the forum.