Monday, March 23, 2009

That Metal Show Ep 3 - Season 2; Mastodon 'Crack The Skye' Out 3/24

Episode 3, Season 2 of VH1’s That Metal Show…

This episode starts off with a good chat about the topic of downloading, and the iPod generation and the “loss” of the album. A collection of songs written, performed, recorded, mastered and sequenced by the artist, as the artist once envisioned. The hosts made mention of people loading things into their iPods but maybe only selecting a few songs thus fucking up the track order a.k.a. sequence of said record.

This topic probably isn’t of interest to anyone under the age of, oh 30 but to the few, the proud it means something. I was a little impressed with Jim Florentine for being able to rattle off side 1 of ‘Blizzard of Ozz’ in order - but that feeling of being impressed, didn’t last long.

In closing, the topic of downloading, either legal or not can be something we can talk about for weeks. Quit stealing music motherfuckers. Thanks.

I) The guests for the evening was Gary and Nuno from the horrible, horrible Extreme (no, I’m not linking anything related to them, thanks again). Right off the bat, I miss Frank Bello! What the fuck is Extreme doing here?

Some interview banter where they go through the various crap the guys have done since Extreme ended, but they glance over Gary’s Van Halen stint. It’s later revealed the seeds for this pointless reunion were planted in Nuno’s head while he toured Europe with another band. So blame Europe for this pointless reunion.

Jim Florentine finally asks Gary about his time in Van Halen and really what can the guy say? Dismal album, dismal tour wasn’t a good fit. But the guy did get to sing “Unchained” every night, right?

II) On Location with Don and Jim in Europe seeing Motorhead the Hammersmith Odeon. This was a bit where they had microphones and bogus TV cameras and interviewed fans outside the venue. They pretended to ask Motorhead questions via the cameras and would tell the fans the answers. Admittedly this was pretty fucking funny.

Started a little slow, but it built into a funny bit. Breaking balls is funny. It was cool to see the guys (Jim and Don) impressed with being at the legendary venue where so many historical gigs had taken place.

III) Stump the Trunk. Michael Schenker/Simon Philips trivia, Judas Priest cover song trivia and an Extreme trivia question?! Finally former Evil Dead/ Testament Drummer Jon Dette gets his 7th minute of fame by being a remembered/forgotten drummer in Slayer.

There was some confusion as to the answer to the question so Eddie asked the audience if anyone knew for sure.

It drove me nuts that all of the hosts as well as the audience didn’t know how Jon fit into the Slayer story. Short story short, he was in the band after Paul Bostaph quit the first time (96) and played on the ‘Undisputed Attitude’ tour. He was later fired and Bostaph rejoined.

IV) There was a little “recommended by” thing where each of the hosts got to mention something they were currently listening to… Danko Jones, The Binges and ex-Poison Guitarist Richie Kotzen CD’s…uh, no to all.

V) Whatever happened to: Jason Newsted? This was a waste of time as the hosts had little insight to exactly what’s up with Jason. I could tell you he’s playing on the new (and last ever?) VoiVod album. However it doesn’t appear he’s doing any live shows with them as they’ve been rejoined by original Bassist Blacky.

VI) Cast and audience poll: What is the “meaner” album – Pantera’s ‘Vulgar Display of Power’ or Slayer’s ‘Reign In Blood’. Another no-brainer, yet the only one to pick ‘Reign’ was Eddie Trunk! What a bunch of complete posers! I guess I could see the pussies from Extreme picking ‘Vulgar…’ but the other two hosts?

Even Trunk had to reiterate the question, “It’s not the better of or the better live band, it’s asking which album is the meaner of the two!” Still, no budge from the limp wristed and even when the audience was asked, they picked ‘Vulgar…’ too!

So sure, ‘Vulgar Display of Power’ might want to make you beat someone’s ass, I guess I can see that. However ‘Reign In Blood’ should make you want to beat someone’s ass and then disembowel them and smear their blood all over yourself. Big difference.

Pretty bad episode.

3.24 sees the release of ‘Crack The Skye’ by Mastodon. I've got to hand it to the band. They've written a really killer record. Very complex, very heavy, progressive but retaining it's heavier than thou foundation. Some progressive bands end up sounding, well "lighter". This album is heavy as all hell while tackling some heady subject matter, overall a very deep presence permeates through the disc. 'Crack The Skye' is a band firing on all cylinders.