Saturday, March 19, 2011

3.19.2011 Gone But Never Forgotten....

So last year I "promised" this 3.19 thing wouldn't be a yearly deal.  I lied.  Maybe I was talking about all the words I could use to mark this bummer of an anniversary?  Who knows, a lot can happen in a year and I'm glad to be here for another one.  If you're looking for past remembrances of this day, check HERE and HERE

Of course, 3.19 marks the passing of both guitar great Randy Rhoads and the destined-to-be-legendary Andrew Wood.  A lot of time has passed since both left Earth, but their music will last forever.  I'm running this Kerrang piece on Mother Love Bone, with Jeff Ament reminiscing about the MLB days via the "Stardog Champion" (as it came to be known) compilation release.   

Speaking of which, the release of the long, long awaited Malfunkshun documentary has been bumped from Winter 2011 to Spring 2011.  Like my beloved Cubs, I hope I'm alive to see certain things come to fruition.

Not much more to say.

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