Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Jailhouse Rock?

I was reading the newspaper this morning and came across this:

Who the fuck cares, right? Well yeah, you are right, no one cares. It's just that I met Elgin Nathan James a number of years (14) ago when I went down to the Fireside Bowl to interview his band who were on tour at the time. The band was called 454 Big Block and they were signed to Century Media and were here today and gone before the next, I mean they joined an elite group of acts that simply vanished into thin air.

So here's that interview as it ran in Midwest Metal, Issue#11 from November 1995

((click to enlarge))

Other news worthy action (and I know I'm really late on this) comes courtesy of Phil Fasciana, founder of Malevolent Creation.

There was a robbery, there wasn't a robbery, Phil shot a crackhead, Phil was shot at by a crackhead...who knows exactly what the hell happened. But one thing's for certain, there's no such thing as bad publicity, is there?? But we'll see how this whole thing turns out.

Read it and weep.

Happier times, no crack heads, no chocolate milk...Issue #17

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