Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Heavy Metal Heaven

I read the news today, oh boy...

I sat there, jaw on my desk for what seemed like 10 minutes. Adrian's gone. What the fuck? We're the same age...this isn't right. I'm so sorry for his family, his girl and all his friends.

I always looked forward to seeing Adrian and the entire Canadian Crue...Bruni, Ristic, Adam...all solid people. Adrian was like all of them wrapped into one.

I've been reading this thread on the Brave Words/Bloody Knuckles Forums and felt compelled to write my own thoughts here:

I met Adrian Bromley for the first time over 10 years ago at a Milwaukee Metal Fest. Both of us were promoting our magazines and through a several minute conversation, we were instant friends. I spoke with him all that weekend and after we kept in touch. I would see Adrian and the U! crew every year in Milwaukee and truthfully I looked forward to hanging with the fellas just about as much as seeing all the bands.

Over the years I’d see him at various shows and festivals and every time we got a chance to hang it was memorable.

In 2003, I was still managing Usurper and the band held a listening party for the ‘Twilight Dominion’ album, their debut for Earache Records. Earache flew Chris Bruni and Adrian into Chicago to cover the party for BW/BK and Unrestrained! Unrestrained was the creation of Adrian and Adam Wasylck (sorry man, rough name!) and it is one of the best Metal Magazines around. I had the honor of contributing to a few issues and that was a feeling of accomplishment for sure.

So I picked up the guys from the airport on a fucking freezing January day…we went record shopping at Metal Haven…where Adrian was in heaven…instantly the minute he walked into the old Metal Haven location (where stuff was stocked to the max everywhere you looked) it was like he was “home”. We went for Mexican food and had our share of beers and just had a good time catching up. When we spoke we’d always be comparing “notes” of everything from what we were listening to who was an asshole in the “industry” and who made our jobs harder.

Always lighthearted, always interesting…I’m going to miss talking to that guy.

So at the Usurper party, again Adrian was right at home. The Metal was cranking, the beer was flowing, the heads were-a-banging and there were people all over the place. Adrian was making the rounds chatting it up with members of The Chasm, Cianide, Scepter and made some time to do his “work” as well. I don’t remember how the evening ended other than knowing there was no way I’d be able to drive, let alone walk. Chris and Adrian insisted I stay with them in their room…where the party continued!

Right now I can’t remember if that’s the last I saw Adrian in person. It might have been. Time flies…

Adrian later moved to Brooklyn, NY to work for The End Records and then moved on to his own PR company and everyone who knew him knows he would’ve been massively successful in anything he did.

This was at the end of the evening of the listening party, Adrian had been "working" on this waitress all night. The staff was all doing their money counting and we all were still in party mode. Before we left Adrian talked her into a photo... take care Adrian, until we meet again.