Thursday, January 27, 2011

Old Metal Mag: The Four Horsemen

Blame it on my iPod.  I was never much of a "shuffle" guy until maybe six months ago.  Now I can't stop.  So one of the things that kept popping up was music by The Four Horsemen.  Especially tracks from their debut album, 'Nobody Said It Was Easy.'   Back then when the album was released (Def American 1991) and even now I don't think there's too many people who like or liked em or even really knew they existed.  

They were a good band with shit luck.  Shame really as the 'Nobody Said...' LP as well as their first, self-titled EP were kick ass slabs of AC/DC meets the Rolling Stones meets Lynyrd Skynyrd...a band wanting only to rock you, fuck you or fight you. 

Here's piece from Kerrang! that ran in 1992.  Pretty funny, shows the characters they could be and represents em the way I remember them.  Especially Frank.  

Great interview with 'Horsemen Guitarist Haggis can be found here.  

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From the collection: 1991 promo for 'Nobody Said It Was Easy.'  It's songs have aged well, this is a classic album. A true flash in the pan due to all their personal problems, their peak was about as short lived as they come, but at least they got to do it.  Their follow-up the 1996 released 'Gettin Really Good At Barely Gettin' By' was another solid but definitely less memorable and lacking the impact of 'Nobody Said...'