Monday, June 14, 2010

Exodus/Heathen Live at Slim's - San Francisco

No doubt about it, I've definitely been in a funk since the last post. I suppose something about the death of a legend and life continuously getting busier doesn't always put me in the mood to write. I've always been a "can't fake it" person and this blog is no different.

So with the being said a slump-buster Metal weekend was surely needed and I couldn't have asked for anything more. Exodus was doing three record release shows for their new album Exhibit B: The Human Condition  with the final one being a hometown San Francisco gig.  

Not only was it another chance to see Exodus on their home turf, but supporting on these three shows was Heathen!  Really, a killer double bill that thankfully I didn't miss.

After a completely hellish flight to Oakland where I was squeezed in-between Shoulder's McBoulders and Mr. Mayo (dude, do you really need six packs of mayo on that sandwich?) I was ready to let loose so that's what the hell I did.

Before the drinking could commence some grub was in order so when our guide suggested Tommy's Joynt there was no way I could resist.  Not only was it highly recommended but to the Metal in my heart it was also the place Jason Newsted's resume was accepted back in 1986 so it was a done deal.  Killer food, killer friends, let's do this.  

Arrived to Slim's a few songs into Heathen's storming set.  The place was packed and the response to the hometown band was excellent.   Of course the main course was Exodus but it was great to see Heathen, who put out one of the best albums of 2010 earlier this year, tear it up.  

We got to hear "Arrows Of Agony", "Death By Hanging", "Open The Grave" and the closer "Hypnotized".  Like I said great response for the guys and I really hope things align for them to bring their show on the road.

Exodus were in top form.  Both musically, physically and mentally there's something to be said about the nine lives of Exodus.  Something tells me the days and years of blown opportunities and near hits and misses are long gone.  Once that shit is removed all that's left is a band working as hard as they ever have and the results speak for themselves.  

The crowd was a nice mixture of old and young, we're talking 16-17 y/o kids with hi-top Reebok's and denim vests.  Those kids were the heartbeat of the show as they slammed and banged the entire time.

That being said the crowd had plenty of material to bang to.  Being a record release show there was a lot of new material but what was cool was it seemed like for all the brand new stuff was an even deeper old cut.  Off of 'Exhibit B' you had  set-opener "The Ballad of Leonard and Charles", "Beyond The Pale", "The Sun is my Destroyer" and "Downfall".  
Some classics included "Impaler", "Hells Breath" along with a healthy smattering of  'Bonded By Blood' material such as "Strike of the Beast", "Bonded By Blood", "Metal Command" and "A Lesson in Violence" which featured Robb Flynn on co-vocals...

All said and done Exodus fucking crushed!  I know I said it after the last show of theirs I saw earlier this year, but Tom Hunting is an inhuman time keeping machine!  From song one to the closer, "Good Riddance" the guy missed not a beat and the force in which he hits that snare, unreal. 

The entire band was in top form and it was such a strong statement which was made loud and clear, these guys are virtually unstoppable.  Even a song like "The Toxic Waltz" which is about as campy as it gets is being delivered with such intensity, there's just no way to fault these guys.

Right before the end of the show, Tom Hunting and David White came and addressed the crowd, thanking them for being there and dedicating the show to Debbie Abono with some personal words.  Very cool, very classy.  Many thanks to my friends in the bay for a whirlwind weekend filled with laughter, music and memories.  Mikey-boy, Brian, Cap'n Flynn and family, Cheryl, Happy Brian, E-Wong and the Exodus and Heathen camps.