Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Old Metal Mag Moment with Pantera

Amazing! Thank you for all the emails! I guess the Pantera nation is alive and well and reading blogs! So a lot of you asked for an 'Old Metal Mag' moment with Pantera and of course I'll hook ya up.

Here's a in the studio report on the recording of 'Vulgar Display of Power' from the godly, but short lived UK mag Thrash 'N Burn. A good interview, amazing hindsight stuff when they were really satisfied with the 200,000 copies 'Cowboys from Hell' had sold at that time. As everyone knows the release of 'Vulgar' blew the doors wide open for the band and they didn't really come back down to Earth until after the cycle for 'The Great Southern Trendkill' was complete.

Again, thanks for all the emails and keep the requests coming in!

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