Saturday, September 26, 2009

How many tickets for the big head Han Solo?

hey guys hit me up if you may have any star wars memorabilia you may want to part with. mostly older figures/ships, but will consider anything star wars related. possibly trade for tix to a show or merch

PS space 1999 as well if you are old enough to remember what that was!!
hit me up here (BILL)


I used to joke to a friend of mine that every friend I ever had I met either through Star Wars or music. Dorky yeah, but it was true for 80% of my life, before kids that is. But the above message is from Mastodon Guitarist and resident Star Wars collector (geek) Bill Kelliher.

Mastodon are about to kick off a tour with Dethklok (not sure I get it) and the mighty, mighty High On Fire. So if you're into space, cartoons and the heaviest trio since Celtic Head or Motor Frost, can't remember which, go see a show and support High On Fire. Here's hoping they continue to "road test" new material live so if you go chances are you'll be treated to a new song or two.